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The Ghost Dance Revival Tour is a one-of-a-kind, traveling multimedia extravaganza and celebration of survival. The ritual that is its centerpiece takes the audience on a journey through the tribes of all the Americas.

The tour features the Plumed Serpent, the wild and free spirit of the Americas, which guides us into the hidden world of psychotropic Talking Plants. The Ghost Dance Revival is a modern-day Wild West Show with a focus on the environment, plant sacraments, and environmental advocates.

This tour also highlights the spirit of the Clean Sisters, an ancient preColombian sisterhood from Mexico. The Clean Sisters are the keepers of the Ghost Dance and the sacrament of that ceremony: Desheto. The Clean Sisters have kept this ritual hidden until now because sacred things only maintain their power if they are manifested at the correct time. Traditional singing, dancing, video footage, re-enactment, true rituals, and native land and water defenders will bring the Sisters’ vision to life.

Each revival event ends with the audience participation in the Ghost Dance; the completion of a 9,000-year-old ritual first danced by gods to save humanity from ourselves at the end of the Fifth World, which is now.

While great breakthroughs have been made with psychedelics in relation to mental health, the original purpose of Talking Plants and their ancient rituals was to maintain communication with the elements of nature. Without reestablishing this broken bridge of communication our strand in nature is doomed and no breakthroughs will matter.

This Revival will achieve the goals of funding already successful Amazonian and American land and water protectors. It will also unite divided tribes and individuals across the Americas. Together as one, we can join together, united as we work to protect nature.

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In 1890, the United States government outlawed the Ghost Dance. The ceremony remained illegal until 1978. Why? Did the authorities fear the Native American Revival Movement that it ignited or did they also recognize that the dance itself awakened a power all its own? Find out the full story of the Ghost Dance and its history in the Americas. Learn about Michael’s journey through the most remote corners of the Americas where, through talking plants and ancient wisdom, he searched for the origins of the Ghost Dance ritual. Learn how it can save humankind’s future from its own destruction at this exact time in history.

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The Healing Garden

the solution

THE HEALING GARDEN – The Healing Garden contains a collection of medicinal plants including those indigenous to the region and others that are useful to treat epidemics (such as Artemesia annua). Educational programs for the communities are created to maintain, preserve and pass on traditional plant knowledge.

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Amazon Protocol

The plan

MEDICINAL OUTREACH – “A project with a plan.” This protocol draws on the epidemic fighting wisdom of Michael Stuart Ani to deal with the pandemic among Amazonian tribal groups. The Amazon Protocol offers specific strategies based on real-world, on-the-ground experience.

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