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Is it possible to have a true pre-Colombian psychedelic vision without taking a chemical or entheogenic sacrament? The answer is yes, if your guide is the legendary Amazon jungle scout, traditional practitioner, and storyteller, Michael Stuart Ani.

The Talking Plants Tour presents a mind-altering experience of a lifetime. In a multimedia stage presentation, using one-of-a-kind photographs, pre-Columbian rituals, art, relics, spirit songs and dance, Ani will transport you into a world few have ever encountered.

The tour features the Plumed Serpent, the wild and free spirit of the Americas, which guides us into the hidden world of psychotropic Talking Plants.

While great breakthroughs have been made with psychedelics in relation to mental health, the original purpose of Talking Plants and their ancient rituals was to maintain communication with the elements of nature.

The Talking Plants Foundation is dedicated to repairing the broken bridge of communication between humans and nature.

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In 1890, the United States government outlawed the Ghost Dance. The ceremony remained illegal until 1978. Why? Did the authorities fear the Native American Revival Movement that it ignited or did they also recognize that the dance itself awakened a power all its own? Find out the full story of the Ghost Dance and its history in the Americas. Learn about Michael’s journey through the most remote corners of the Americas where, through talking plants and ancient wisdom, he searched for the origins of the Ghost Dance ritual. Learn how it can save humankind’s future from its own destruction at this exact time in history.

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Michael Stuart Ani

writer, producer, & speaker

Michael Stuart Ani is one of the very few people alive who has received presidential permission from the Venezuelan government to live among the uncontacted Amazon tribes of the Yanomami. He earned this honor by using both traditional and modern medicinal methods to fight epidemics among the Yanomami for 14 years. Ani is a 30-year inductee of the Explorers Club and is a recognized authority on pre-Columbian rituals, with expertise in ethnobotany and Talking Plants.

Stuart Ani is dedicated to advancing the use of botanical cures to promote the healing of the planet and her people. His mission is to share what he has learned in his fifty-five-year journey among the most remote tribes of the Americas in hopes that his message will further efforts to heal the planet. He believes that the health of the world depends on humanity realizing that medicinal plants are the key to the future.

With the Amazonia Foundation, Michael Stuart Ani brought the rainforest movement to Los Angeles in the 1980’s. In 1992, he co-won the “Best of Festival” and “Best of Broadcast” from the US Environmental Film Festival for Yanomami: Keepers of the Flame. He also directed Going Home, a documentary for the Catalina Island Conservancy, that tells the story of the repatriation of the last, purebred American bison to the Lakota people.

Napoleon Chagnon, world-renowned anthropologist and member of the National Academy of Sciences, said of Ani, “Michael gave a brilliant account of his work with the Yanomamo. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and has their best interests at heart.”

H. B. Nicholson, professor emeritus of anthropology at UCLA, and renowned specialist of the study of ancient Mexico, called Ani a living artifact.

Francis Huxley, world-famous British botanist, anthropologist, and author, said Michael Stuart Ani was the only modern practitioner of real magic that he had ever witnessed.

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Groups of Yanomami live in villages usually consisting of their children and extended families. Villages vary in size, but usually contain 40 to 400 people. The Yanomami are known as hunters, fishers, and horticulturists. Rituals are a very important part of Yanomami culture. Shamans play a central role in Yanomami healing rituals. Michael Stuart Ani is an accredited authority on Yanomami culture and rituals.

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