“No politician or their scientists can save us from the destruction they have brought down upon us. Only the Ghost Dance can do that but we have lost the steps.” – John Lame Deer

John Lame Deer is a Lakota sage whose mother was one of the few Ghost Dancers that survived the Wounded Knee massacre when the dances were outlawed. He spoke these words to Michael Stuart Ani at Tom Horn’s grave in Boulder, Colorado circa 1969.

Modern history has depicted the Ghost Dance as a failed revival movement among the tribes of the United States during the late 1800s; however, the Ghost Dance is far more ancient than that. The Ghost Dance was the first ritual of the Americas danced by two gods to create a civilization with corn and to help save it thousands of years later, which is now.

Depicted in the pre-Colombian manuscript; the Codex Borgia, the Plumed Serpent and the Ghostly Lord of the Dead dance together in honor of the Sacred Mother and her gift of life. Through this ritual, Talking Plants were born to preserve this hidden knowledge for when humankind would need these whispering florae to survive.

Following Lame Deer’s lead, for the last 53 years Michael Stuart Ani has searched through the most remote regions of the Americas for the lost steps of the Ghost Dance. The wisdom he obtained along the way was used to fight epidemics among the very last marginal and previously uncontacted tribes of the Americas that still survive to this day. Ani believes that these people’s ritual knowledge and entheogen plant sacraments (Talking Plants) are key to repairing the broken bridge of communication between humans and nature. Without it the human strand in nature will perish at record speed.

After decades of Ghost Dancing with tribes from the Amazon’s Yanomami to the Northern Lakota, Michael Stuart Ani is now helping the Clean Sisters to bring the Ghost Dance to the Western World. The physical objective of the ritual is twofold. One is to share traditional botanical cures and knowledge to save lives and mental health. The second is to bring together all the separated peoples and tribes of the world to form a unified group protecting our key to survival nature.

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