Project Description

October 20, 2020

Categories: Garden


he Healing Garden contains a collection of medicinal plants including those indigenous to the region and others that are useful to treat epidemics (such as Artemesia annua). Educational programs for the communities are created to maintain, preserve and pass on traditional plant knowledge.

The Healing Garden in the Pueblo of Teotitlan del Valle will be the proto-type model from which all communities that wish can also turn their waste into rich soil and have their own Healing Garden.

Teotitlan del Valle is an autonomous community that still governs itself in the ancient Zapotec tradition. Teotitlan is one of the best, known weaving centers in the world. It is a successful indigenous community that chooses to have one foot in the traditional and the other in the “modern” world, which makes it the perfect location for the Healing Garden project to “plant its seeds.”

We feel extremely privileged to have the Healing Garden project be invited into the community, sponsored by the Bautista family.

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