The Healing Garden is a medicinal outreach initiative to create Healing Gardens for a number of communities throughout the Americas. The first will be created in Northern New Mexico as part of rebuilding efforts from the recent Calf Canyon/Hermit Peaks Fires.


Medicinal plants are grown by and for the community in nutrient-rich soil that will support community health for both chronic and acute conditions.

Soil is created that can be used to help produce more abundant and nutritious food crops.

Local jobs created will help bring economic vitality to the region.

Educational programs to support the transmission of traditional medicine wisdom, community health, and sustainability. The Healing Gardens team will collaborate with local herbalists, farmers, and gardeners.


Las Vegas, New Mexico


This garden will be planted in fertile soil created from local plant and vegetable waste and surrounded by native Pine forests.

The harvested botanical plants and seeds will be packaged for sale. Part of the proceeds will be used to donate seeds so other communities can grow Healing Gardens. The rest will create jobs and a thriving business for the community that heals instead of hurts the land while producing microbe-rich soil starters for other communities.


• Tim Combs

Robert Laurie

• Bryan Cooper

Xapiri Ground Organization

Sinchi Foundation